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We received a letter from one of our customers recently.  The letter is not a short one, but his experience is reflected in detail.  His project was an important one for both of us, and are very pleased that he allowed us to show it here:






I am voluntarily writing this letter of reference in regards to the audio restoration work provided to me by Evergreen Computer Services.  Specifically, I had some old homemade 78 RPM records that I wanted to have restored and placed on CD’s.  The original records contained recordings made by my dad and uncle in 1942 when they were boys of 14 and 15 years old respectively.  The records consisted of tracks with them singing duets, solos, and playing musical instruments (horn & baritone).  The records had not seen the light of day for many years and were in very poor shape given that they were made 64 years ago.  Some of the acetate was coming off along the edges, one record was warped a bit, and they all had many, many scratches/skips.

I wanted to have these restored for a couple of reasons.  First, I thought it would be a great Christmas gift for my dad who turns 79 this year.  His brother (my uncle) has passed on and this is a lasting memory of their youth.  Second, I wanted to preserve what was on the records for my family and future generations.  How many people have homemade records of their ancestors?  The acetate records are not a medium that will last forever and I wanted to capture what was on them prior to additional deterioration.  I somewhat took on the duties of the family historian having already published a family tree so this project seemed like a good next venture.

My first step was to become informed about the subject.  I spent many hours researching both the processes, equipment, and software used to perform the restoration work required to convert the 78 RPM records to CD’s.  I was pleasantly surprised by the vast amount of information that was on the internet regarding this subject.  However, before I was done, I was a bit on information overload.  My second and most important step was to locate someone to perform the work.  I first looked locally within the Dallas-Ft. Worth marketplace thinking someone local would be best and I was reluctant about shipping the old records off as there were no replacements.  This search did not pay off so I went back to the internet.  I looked at probably 30 sites and exchanged numerous e-mails with the companies I researched.  Some had dazzling websites but did not seem responsive.  Others were more informative than dazzling and more responsive.

This process that spanned several weeks yielded Evergreen.  The owner, Dan Hutchinson, was very informative, very responsive, vary caring, and very prompt about getting back with me.  He understood that this was not just about making a copy of an old record to a CD.  It was about a family’s snapshot in time, a piece of history that could be lost if not carefully cared for.  It was about the preservation of a family’s history and heritage and memories from a time long past.  It was about bringing those memories to life for the person who made them 64 years earlier with a brother he loved.  And, it was about making these memories available for future generations of my family.  This was an important project.  Dan Hutchinson knew this right away and gave me personal assurances along the way.  Dan and I probably shared a total of 100 e-mail’s back and forth communicating on almost a daily basis for the 3-4 weeks that the project spanned.  He kept me informed every step of the way.  He repeatedly asked for my input and approval of many aspects of this project.  With the help of his assistant Susan, he developed a very personal set of CD covers and a play list and allowed me to tailor it to fit my vision.  He was meticulous in the details even selecting fonts typical of the era that the records were made.  Now, that is a personal touch that goes above and beyond the norm.  While I am nit-picky and detail-oriented by nature, Dan had a unique understanding and patience that allowed us to reach a common goal of completing this project. 

The quality of the work is nothing short of SUPERB!  But, the reason that I recommend Evergreen if you are in the market for services like this and any other that they provide has more to do with the personal aspect.  With Evergreen, I got someone who cared, someone who communicated, and someone who allowed my vision to come out.  Dan never failed to reply to any communication I sent him. Never!  In this day and age of answering machines and voice mails, that says a lot to me about a persons’ caring approach as well as their business ethics. 

I was nervous about selecting the right company for this project and somehow I found Evergreen and Dan Hutchinson.  This is a 5-star company run by a 5-star individual.  And, did I mention that the price was more than fair?  I know that Dan did not charge me enough for the work he did and the personal touches he provided.  I am deeply grateful for the superb job Evergreen did for me and I recommend their services without any reservations.  You will truly be in the very best of hands.

Thank you Dan!


Bill Blevins

Fort Worth, Texas




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